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In the beautiful landscape of the lake, enjoy the made in Italy and take a closer look at our genuine leather products.
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Made in Italy

Pelletteria Denti’s Products are 100% made in Italy, from the sourcing of genuine leather to the carefully performed steps in production.


One very characteristic of genuine leather is its uniqueness created by the shades and imperfections that may be visible on the surface.


Although we believe we are succeeding in our strive for perfection, we do not guarantee the absence of marks which constitute a proof of quality rather than a defect, as it is part of the leather production process.

Our Location

Located on the East shore of Lake Como, Varenna is known as the crown jewel on that “branch” of the lake that was already described in the 1800’s by the prominent Italian writer Alessandro Manzoni in the opening line of his historical novel “I Promessi Sposi” (“The Betrothed”), a classic of Italian literature. 


The village was historically populated by fishermen, and from the water, it grows vertically up the steep green mountain behind it. The inhabitants made the most of the space available to them, building a dense housing cluster connected to the lake by small and steep staircases that today make the town unique and create breathtaking lake views.


Pelletteria Denti was born on the shore of Lake Como in 1958, when Mario Denti with a small three-wheeler van used to bring to the small towns on the lake and the valleys right behind them, the latest leather goods created in the Milan workshops. 


Mario’s presence in the markets quickly grows in the following years. His passion for the trade and the joy he transmitted to people influenced his son Nazzaro, known to everyone as Rino. At the beginning of the ’80s, a young Rino decides to follow in his father's footsteps, expanding the presence of the Denti’s family in the local markets.


Pelletteria Denti stands out for the quality of its product, everything is rigorously “Made in Italy”, and most of all for the trust we convey to the customers. Quality and trust are the core pillars of our family business.


In 2017, together with his wife Marina, Rino opens his own boutique in Varenna, giving a consistent point of sale to his customers.

Inside the store, we focus our offerings in three main areas:


Small leather goods, such as credit- card holders, document holders, wallets and glass cases.


Belts, where we offer the richest variety of handcrafted models on Lake Como.


Purses and Travel Bags, we carefully selected a wide variety of colors and sizes and we appointed the production to the expert leather craftsman of Florence and the fashion savvy artisans of Milan.


Discover Varenna

Varenna is located only 60 km from Milan, and it’s easily connected to the Italian fashion capital. In just about one hour you can leave Milan central station and disembark in a totally different world.


Thanks to its strategic location and the convenient connection to Milan, Varenna presents itself as the perfect base to explore the rest of the lake. The modest harbor is connected to the rest of the lake by numerous ferry boats, public and privates boat rides that just in under 30 minutes take you to Menaggio and Bellagio, the other two main destinations on the lake. Just five kilometers North of Varenna, we find Bellano, a small village that was once the capital of the industrial revolution on the lake, now a growing tourist destination with its unique natural gorge, the “Orrido”


Between a romantic stroll on the lakeshore, a quick hike on the mountain or a refreshing happy hour, don’t miss out on our “Made in Italy” offerings.


Discover Varenna, we will be waiting for you.

It's Quality.

It's Family.

It's Denti.